Garage Door Spring Safety

Garage Door Spring Safety–Avoiding Serious Injury You may have multiple springs on your garage door depending on spring set up and/or size of door.  The most dangerous component of the door is the spring system which supports the weight of the door  and helps you lift or lower it.  The garage door is the largest […]

History of Garage Doors

Few projects can improve your home’s curb appeal as quickly and affordably as new garage doors Whether you are building a home or it’s time to replace your 20 year old garage doors, there are many styles available that will best compliment your home.  Replacing  your garage doors is one of the best home improvement […]

How To Open A Frozen Garage Door

Have a frozen garage door?  It happens.  When a cold snap dips the temperature below freezing, rain and wind can be the worst enemy of your garage door.  If water gathers under the rubber seal on the bottom of the garage door and freezes, the door could stick, preventing you from opening the door.  since […]

Misconceptions About Garage Door Repair

There are misconceptions about garage door repair, mostly because of a lack in understanding how garage doors function.  Below are some misconceptions about garage door repair Garage door repair is a scam:  Absolutely not.  Professional help with garage door repair is a must for most homeowners.  As with any service needed, homeowners do need to […]