Liftmaster Premium Series 8355 ½ HP AC Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

The 8355 is our most popular residential garage door opener. It has a ½ HP AC motor and is belt driven. It is quieter than chain driven openers, which is helpful when you have an attached garage to your home. The belt has a lifetime warranty IF it becomes frayed or breaks (which they rarely ever do). The AC motor also has lifetime warranty plus a one (1) year parts warranty.

The 8355 is energy efficient and consumes up to 75% less power while in standby mode.

The 8355 has Security+ 2.0 with rolling code technology, which will keep you safe ensuring that a new code is sent to the opener every time the remote is used, making it virtually impossible for someone to intercept your code.

If you choose to enable the MyQ technology, you will be able to monitor and operate your garage door at any time from anywhere! You will be able to stay connected wherever you go via your smartphone, tablet or computer.

When we install an 8355 opener for you, it will include an inside wall control, 2 car remotes and safety beams.