Why A New Entry Door Makes Your Home Better

Did you know that your doors, whether its your entry door or garage door, are usually the first things people notice when arriving at your home?  Like most homeowners, you want your curb appeal, well, to be appealing!  Choosing the right door for your home is one way to do so.

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Increased Beauty:  A spectacular entry door can make a great first impression by adding a lot of curb appeal.  Whether it has lots of glass, intricate designs or a bright color or beautiful stained finished, a new  door WILL boost your home’s curb appeal.

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Better Security:  Your security is something that you must always be aware of.  In your home where you are most comfortable, you should also feel the most secure.  If your  door is aging, it is worth your peace of mind to upgrade your door.  Today’s entry doors combine beauty with being secure and stable.

Entry Door Installed by Valley Lock & Door in East Greenville PA

Energy Efficient:  As your home ages, your entry door can develop gaps around the jamb where the cold/hot air air can enter.  Not only can the drafts make you uncomfortable, they can also increase your energy bills.  Keep those costs at a minimum by replacing your entry door with a new, energy efficient one!  Most entry doors we sell are double sided steel and have an Insulation R-Value of 13.0!

Entry Doors Installed by Valley Lock & Door in East Greenville PA

Low Maintenance:  If you are like most homeowners, you never gave much thought about maintaining your entry door.  As it is exposed to weather, you may notice your entry door is developing peeling paint.  When combined with any dents/dings it may have, you may decide to make your entry way look great again!  Replacing your entry door with a new steel or fiberglass model will make it easier to maintain the door and the outside beauty of your home.

We will be happy to discuss with you on how you can boost your home’s curb appeal with a new, energy efficient entry door!   We give free in-home  estimates!