When It’s Time To Replace Your Old Garage Doors

Garage doors starting to act up?  Did you know that upgrading your doors has been proven to provide a return on investment greater than many other home improvement projects!


SLOWNESS:  Are your garage doors responding slowly when you open or close it?  it should only take a second between hitting the controls until your doors start moving.  If there is any delay, especially a lengthy one, it’s time to have your  doors examined by a qualified professional.


NOISY DOORS:  Brand new garage doors are smooth and virtually quiet.   As your doors age, a number of factors could make them run rougher and louder.  Is there a sudden increase in noise when your doors open or close?  If so, your garage doors need service or replacement.


ATTRACTIVENESS:  Your garage doors are the first part of your home that your neighbors see.  But, nothing lasts forever.  By installing new  doors, you will enhance your home’s curb appeal!

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SAFETY AND SECURITY:  New garage doors help keep your home safe and secure both from the elements and from any potential burglar.  New  openers include the latest in safety technology, including an automatic reversal if the door comes into contact it with a person or object.  If your aging door does not provide the safety and security your home needs, its time to consider an upgrade.

BREAKDOWNS:  One of the major signs your garage doors need replacing is breakdowns.  You can keep investing in replacement parts and repairs, but eventually, it will be more cost effective to simply replace the doors, and maybe even the  openers.  If you realize you are spending too much money in repairs—consider a full replacement.  However, when you finally purchase new  doors (and openers), in order to keep them functioning properly, annual maintenance by a qualified professional is highly recommended.

DAMAGE:  Dings and dents to your  doors can pile up over the years.  You can manage this damage for a certain amount of time, but there will come a time when your doors’ functionality and appearance will be compromised and replacement garage doors will be recommended.

ENERGY EFFICIENCY:  Energy bills increasing?  You may be losing it through your non or poorly insulated garage doors.  Make your home more energy efficient with new, well insulated garage doors!

Clopay Coachmen Collection Available at Valley Lock & Door in East Greenville PA


if you are seeing signs indicating the necessity of replacing your garage doors, then it is probably time.  Call us here at Valley Lock and Door!  Our owner and our full-time installer have well over 20 years in the garage door and door industry and we are ready to assist you with your garage door and opener needs!  Call us today to schedule your FREE estimate!