Is Your Garage Door Winter Ready?

Is your garage door ready for winter? Get your garage door(s) ready for winter with these tips:

  • HAVE A PROPER WEATHER SEAL: If you see a gap between the bottom of your door and your driveway or around the sides of your door(s), it is time to replace your seals and weatherstripping.
  • NOTICEABLE TEMPERATURE DIFFERENCE IN ROOMS ADJACENT TO YOUR GARAGE: If you have living space above or around your garage and there is a noticeable temperature difference between those rooms and your other rooms, it may be time to upgrade your garage door(s) to a better insulated, energy efficient model. By upgrading your door(s), you may reduce energy loss by up to 71%. Any hot or cold that travels through a door in to your garage can ultimately affect the surrounding living space.
  • CHECK YOUR MOVING PARTS: Your garage door(s) should run smoothly. If it doesn’t, the spring system could be unbalanced and may need adjustment. Also, check your door(s) hardware (track, pulleys, hinges, cables, etc.) Inspect for wear and tear and look for worn safety cables, bent hinges or pulleys and bent or misaligned track. If you notice or feel you may be having a problem with your door’s moving parts, call a trained professional. Some of your door’s moving parts (mainly the spring system) are under tension and WILL cause bodily injury if handled improperly.
  • CLEAN/LUBRICATE HARDWARE: Using a clean rag, remove any debris, grease or dirt build up from the track. Lubricate the moving parts (track, hinges, rollers). DO NOT lubricate nylon rollers or garage door locks. Graphite can be used in your locks.
  • SURFACE CLEANING: Before and after the winter season, remove that dust and dirt build up from your door by simply using a mild household soap and water.

If you believe your door(s) need service and do not want to do it yourself, call a professional. Most service calls include a full check of your door and opener for proper functioning as well as a check, a lubrication and adjustment, if needed, of all your door’s moving parts.