Discover Why Wind Rated Garage Doors Are Beneficial

WHY WIND RATED GARAGE DOORS? So, what are wind rated garage doors?   Your home’s garage door(s) is sturdy, but can they stand up to the most harsh winds?  Some modern garage doors feature a wind code rating to indicate their wind bearing strength.  Wind rated garage doors help protect against wind and storm damage that […]

The Benefits Of Insulated Garage Doors

The Benefits Of New, Insulated Garage Doors So, you need new garage doors?   With so many styles and colors to choose from these days, you have plenty of options to consider!  What should be the first option to consider before anything else, is “do I want insulated or non-insulated doors?”  Most garage door manufacturers offer […]

Garage Door Spring Safety

Garage Door Spring Safety–Avoiding Serious Injury You may have multiple springs on your garage door depending on spring set up and/or size of door.  The most dangerous component of the door is the spring system which supports the weight of the door  and helps you lift or lower it.  The garage door is the largest […]