Things To Know Before Buying New Garage Doors

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Get an “In-Person” Quote: Ordering new garage doors over the phone or online is asking for trouble.  Every garage is different and a knowledgeable person will check all the details like opening size, headroom, side clearance and may even help you make design decisions.  Most garage door companies offer free estimates.

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Beware Of Wood Garage Doors:  While wood garage doors are beautiful, unless you are willing to devote time to maintaining them, they will not be beautiful for long…  Natural finishes last a few years before it needs a re-coat.   If you wait too long, you will have to sand off all the finish and start from scratch.  If you like the look of wood, but not the upkeep, they are plenty of styles to choose from to achieve that “wood” look.

Upgrade Your Insulation:  If you are planning to buy insulated garage doors to improve your home’s energy efficiency, its worth spending the extra money for polyurethane insulated doors.  The higher the insulation number, the better the insulation.

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Buy New Openers At The Same Time:  The same company that installs your new doors can also install your new openers.  Your openers will eventually fail so if they are showing signs of age or older then 1993, consider new openers.  If your existing openers are older then 1993, by law, garage door companies are not allowed to repair them or even reattach them to your new doors.

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Use Manufacturer’s Websites To Choose A Door Design:  No more do you have to guess how a particular style door and color will look with your home.  Most manufacturers have software linked to the website that allows you to upload a photo of your garage and “build” your new garage doors on to your home.

Clopay Coachmen Collection Available at Valley Lock & Door in East Greenville PA

Choose Windows Wisely:  You may be surprised how much better garage doors look with a window panel.  Beyond adding style, windows will supply sunlight throughout your garage’s interior.  Here are some tips on choosing the right windows… (1) If your garage is heated and or you are buying high insulated garage doors, upgrade to insulate glass.  Most door companies will advise you to do so anyway; (2) For extra privacy, install the glass on the top panel.   Frosted or rain glass is also available through most manufacturers where it will allow light through but nobody will be able to see through it enough to see clearly what is inside your garage; (3) match the glass style to your home’s windows,  if possible.


While we are thankful for your business, we are here to help you through this process, from estimate to installation.  We love keeping our customers happy!