Why You Should Consider A New Garage Door Opener

Liftmaster Garage Door Openers


Did you know?

-1 in 15 garage doors and openers may lack the latest safety features or may not be operating properly and should be replaced.

-More than 70% of today’s homeowners use their attached garage as the main entry into their home, relying on the garage door opener for home access.

-Playing an active role in the safety/security of homeowners, the garage door opener is relied upon to open and close the largest moving part and largest access point of the home, while protecting the property and people behind it—the garage door.

-In order to be UL 325 compliant, the garage door opener has evolved to be equipped with mandatory safety features (photo eyes) to eliminate harm to anyone using the garage door.

-Most manufacturers no longer produce or provide replacement parts for pre-1993 garage door openers.

-Advancements in garage door opener technology have increased safety features.

-New garage door openers also offer new convenience features such as battery backup and internet connectivity.  You can operate your garage door while the power is out and you can operate your door from your smartphone or computer!

We will gladly come and inspect your garage door opener.  As a rule of thumb, most garage door companies will not work on openers that do not have the proper safety features.  Please call us if you want more information on Liftmaster Garage Door Openers.