Misconceptions About Garage Door Repair

There are misconceptions about garage door repair, mostly because of a lack in understanding how garage doors function.  Below are some misconceptions about garage door repair

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Garage door repair is a scam:  Absolutely not.  Professional help with garage door repair is a must for most homeowners.  As with any service needed, homeowners do need to be careful which company they choose, because, while most garage door companies (especially the small businesses) are honest and want to give homeowners the best service for a reasonable price, there are some companies out there that are more interested in the money and not customer satisfaction.  Those companies usually drive a distance to the service and charge the homeowner more money than what they should be charging.  Advice to homeowners…do your homework.  Ask your friends and neighbors for referrals or look in your local newspapers.   And remember, the small business garage door companies are looking for repeat customers and referrals..homeowners are better off hiring small and local!

Garage door repair is expensive:  Most garage door repairs are no more expensive then the average auto repair–much less in most cases.  There are ways homeowners can reduce garage door repair expenses—periodic inspections, specials an discounts.  Some garage door repairs are able to be done by a homeowner who is experienced in home repairs.  Do periodic inspections that could prevent small troubles from becoming large and costly repairs–but do try to have a qualified service technician look at your garage door annually.  Take advantage of any specials or discounts your local garage door company is offering.

Garage door repair is easy:  Yes, and no…There are some easy tasks that the average homeowner can do but anything to do with the garage door springs or cables MUST be done by a qualified service technician ONLY.   Garage door springs and their cables are under extreme tension and WILL cause severe bodily injury if handled improperly.  We cannot stress this enough!

A garage door opener keeps the door closed as opposed to a lock:  the purpose of a garage door opener is to raise and lower the garage door–not lock it.  Yes, the majority of garage doors with openers do not have a separate lock because the opener will hold the garage door shut.  While a convenience–if somebody finds and steels your remote, they can get in to your garage just by pushing the button..  That being said, never leave your garage door remote visible inside your car, especially if you do not park your car in your garage.   It is an open invitation for a thief to break in to your car and gain access to your home.  Always take the remote inside with you.   If you loose a remote, most times your opener’s memory can be erased and reprogrammed so any lost/stolen remotes will no longer work.

For the safety of everyone, it is best to call a professional for any garage door repairs needed, especially repairs on springs and cables.  Give us a call for your garage door needs, we are here to help!  We offer free estimates and discounts for seniors and military!