Top Reasons To Replace Your Garage Door

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Maintaining your home is very important, your garage door(s) probably being one of the most used parts of your home.  Deciding to replace your garage door(s) will have an impact on how your garage looks and offer you a number of benefits.

Home Value:  Replacing your old garage door(s) can increase the market value of your home.  If you currently have an old door(s), replacing them with  new, more modern door(s) will certainly help to impress any potential buyers.

Appearance:  New garage door(s) can improve your home’s curb appeal.  Modern garage doors come in a variety of colors, styles and insulation values.    With all of the options available, you can transform your curb appeal and how your home looks to your neighbors.

Energy Efficiency:  If your garage has living space above or around it or it is used as a work area, then you can reduce your heating and cooling costs by installing  well insulated garage door(s).  Insulated  door(s) will keep the cool air in during the summer and the cold air out during the winter thus improving your home’s energy efficiency.

Time and Maintenance:  Another benefit to installing  new garage door(s) is that you should be able to reduce the amount of maintenance you will have.  You will find that most steel doors are very low maintenance.  You will often have to do no more than use some water and mild soap to clean them.

Increased Utility:   If you add  new garage door(s), you will get greater use out of your garage.  If your new door(s) are well insulated and sealed, your garage will be a much more comfortable and enjoyable place and you may decide to use your garage for something other than parking.

Limited Home Access:  Adding  new garage door openers will improve the security of your home.  One of the easiest ways a thief could break in to your home is through a garage door.  Many modern garage door openers use new, sophisticated coding systems that make it almost impossible for a thief to generate the code that will open the door.

Storage Security:  Another important security benefit is that your personal items will be safer while being stored in your garage.  Older garage doors can be much easier to break through than new, modern door(s).

Personal Safety:  New garage door openers can also help minimize the risk of personal injury.  These days, garage door openers come with detectors which will sense when someone or something is attempting to come in or out of the garage while a door is in motion.  When the sensors detect that the beam has been broken, the door will automatically reverse and open to prevent injury or damage.


New garage doors will improve your home in many ways.  Give us a call if you would like more information on the garage door styles we offer or to schedule your FREE estimate, we are here to help!